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California Association of Dianetic Auditors


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To celebrate our 57th anniversary, the California Association of Dianetic Auditors is expanding.

Per the C.A.D.A. bylaws, legitimate organizations engaged in the practice of Dianetic auditing may well qualify as a chapter organization of the C.A.D.A.
Chapter organizations are completely autonomous in their affiliation with our organization.
We exist to assist you in your use and practice of Dianetics, providing technical assistance, workshops in Dianetics, guest speakers, and professional affiliation with us and our other chapters and Dianetic affiliates world-wide.

We do not dictate the nature of your organization other than the requirement that you utilize Dianetic therapy as one of your major modalities.
However, because C.A.D.A. chapters are intended as a dissemination tool for the subject of Dianetics, we do require that your organization have some sort of a website or web-presence. We will be happy to create a link-relationship between your Dianetic organization and ours, allowing the world to see what we are all up to, Dianetically.

Executive members of your organization will need to be professional members of the C.A.D.A.
Other members must also be C.A.D.A. members; either professional members @ $100/yr (with voting privledges and tech-material discounts) or associate members @ $24/yr.

We recommend you keep the chapter member fees the same as the C.A.D.A. ($100/yr for professional members, $24/yr for associate members), however you are free to setup any structure you wish.

There will be an annual chapter association fee of $125, which includes you in our chapter directory online. Being a non-Profit organiaztion, chapter association fees allow us to maintain an online presence; so vital to the Independent/Freezone continuance.

To express further interest in becoming a C.A.D.A. chapter organization, submit the web-form below.

When you click the [SUBMIT] button the C.A.D.A. Web Server will send a customized e-mail to the chapter secretary with the contact information provided below, to begin the affiliation process. You will receive a confirmation e-mail at the email-address you submitted.


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